Buy a Home

Are you looking to buy a home?


Personally I own and have ran an investment property in Old Town Scottsdale since 2012. Please check out the property and reviews at vrbo #454638. This property has increased more than 40% from 2012 to present day.  This property also yields over $17,000 per year in Luxury Rental income. Many realtors will tell you it’s always a good time to buy, but this isn’t true. Buying a home is a great investment, but everyone is at a different stage in their life and there are a few things to look at before jumping into a home purchase. It is one of the largest purchases you’ll make with the opportunity to build wealth and equity over time. Contact me today to see where you stand!


If you need help determining how financing and home buying works, connect with me and I will provide you with avenues that make the most sense for you!

Thinking of buying investment property? 


Investing in real estate has proven to provide a great return on investment for at least the past 40 years. I realize there are times when you think about adding real estate to your portfolio of investment options to consider.


My local knowledge of the area allows you to take full advantage of market data. This will ensure your real estate investment opportunity will yield the best possible cash flow.